Explore the Causes of Reduced Breast Milk and How to Increase it

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. Unfortunately, some mothers may experience a decrease in the amount of milk. Understanding the various causes of reduced ASI can help overcome the problems that occur. To overcome the milk that can not come out or lack, mothers often choose formula milk as a solution. However, actually formula milk cannot completely replace breast milk, especially in terms of nutrition. Breast milk contains a variety of important nutrients, one of which is an antibody that can increase the baby's immune system. In addition, breast milk is also easier to digest compared to formula milk. Various Causes of reduced breast milk Decreasing the amount of milk can be seen from the reduction in the amount of milk that comes out when you milk it for storage, the baby looks still hungry when breastfed, or the baby's weight does not increase. Although in some cases, this condition is not necessarily caused by decreased milk production, but because of inap
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